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The first Snowsong agency book pitch!


Hi folks! So just a quick note to say that I spent the whole weekend at the London Film & Comic Con – an intensely awesome event of true nerddom. After checking out the plethora of movie merchandise and healthy display of capitalism, I roamed around the signing booths. Here I bumped into the likes of Cersei Lannister, Hodor, George Romero, R2D2, Emperor Palpatine and even Lord Vader himself. Well, bumped into is a gross exaggeration. I more or less stalked them to get a decent photo since I’m too cheap to pay £70 for an autograph. In any case, my geeky heart skipped a few beats here.

Anyway, the main reason I was at the LFCC was the Young Adult Lit Convention going on at the same time. After waiting pretty much the whole day and realising it had started earlier than the allotted time – just my luck…

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